Extensive and ecological livestock exploitation in Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park

Cadiz, Parque Natural de la Sierra de Grazalema, ID: 110164 | Price on application

About this property

This beautiful and exemplary farm is located in the Natural Park of Grazalema, in a natural setting of mountain foothills.

It has two well differentiated zones:

1.- A lower area, slightly undulating, that is used for annual crops of food for livestock.
2.- The mountain area, steeper that reaches up to 900 m altitude.

It is fenced in its entire perimeter with cattle fence, with various interior divisions for better livestock management. In total they add 28 kms. of barbed wire. It also has about 8 kms .. of passable roads in vehicle, as well as a small airstrip landing pad.


The annual crops area of ​​the farm is 255 hectares, of which 86 have irrigation infrastructure. The meadow has an area of ​​424 hectares and is covered with plant species, trees (oaks, oaks, carob trees, wild olive trees, pine trees, etc.), and shrubs (Lentisco, Aulaga, Coscoja, Jara, Heather, various Aromatics, etc.) .


The livestock census is composed of more than 300 head of beef cattle of the retinta race, with more than 500 head of goats of dairy aptitude. Registered in the Payoya Caprine Breed Genealogical Book.

Certificates and subsidies:

100% Ecological Both the cattle, as the entire surface of the farm and its crops, are certified as organic by the Andalusian Committee of Ecological Agriculture.
Likewise, the distribution of its organic veal production is authorized with its settlement in the General Sanitary Food Registry of the Junta de Andalucía.

It is sold with all of its CAP rights as well as corresponding Agro-environmental Aid.

Results accounts:

For years they have achieved excellent results in the exploitation of the farm with an average annual benefit of more than € 150,000.


House of 180m2, 80m2 house, 3 livestock halls (220m2, 200m2 and 110 m2), 65m2 milking parlor, 37m2 tank room, several sheds and sheepfolds totaling more than 1000m2, numerous corrals , 2 mangadas for the handling of the cattle, as well as of the troughs necessary for the supplying of the same, dressing room of hunting cattle, dependencies of tank of fuels.

Light and water:

The farm has electric network light in all its facilities with underground for the most part. Water supply from several wells, as well as a reservoir of some 45,000 m3 and a regulating basin for irrigation, supplied by a survey of abundant production, and with a capacity of 1,700 m3.


It has 4 tractors (2 rubber bands and 2 caterpillars), as well as all the farming implements and machinery necessary for the cultivation of the farm and various tasks. In addition to several horses for livestock management.


Located in an enclave that enjoys exceptional conditions. It is also ideal for the enjoyment of hunting, with its Major-Minor Hunting Technical Plan in force. It also has a Fire Prevention Plan and another Prevention of Occupational Risks.


Summary singularities of the farm:

Access by land and air, privileged climate not having annual drought, complementarity of agricultural-livestock production with closure of the productive cycle, maximum sanitary qualification in cattle and goats, minimal dependence on external inputs, ideal surface to minimize overhead, ecological certification of their productions and sanitary registration of the calf, landscape values ​​(Natural Park) and hunting.

It is sold with its corresponding housing, agricultural and livestock buildings and various facilities and water supplies, livestock species, machinery park, corresponding basic payment rights, various agricultural and direct livestock support and other associated with production, as well as different Agro-environmental Aids


It is an ideal farm for exploitation. With unique conditions of climate, environment and soil quality, thanks to the management that has been done for years, ensures long-term sustainable profitability, as well as an ideal recreational place to spend seasons in a privileged natural environment. Regarding the climate, it should be noted that in the almost 40 years of exploitation by the current owners, no year of drought has been suffered, which guarantees annual uninterrupted production.