A country house at Seville’s Sierra Norte

Seville, Sierra norte, ID: 410207 | Sale: 2.000.000€

About this property

Great XVIIIth century house outside one of the most important towns in the Sierra Norte de Sevilla .

It is surrounded by a large garden with adult trees among which we find a large Lebanese cedar , magnolia , cypress , palms …

As well as enjoying the garden, the property is surrounded by nature and mature vegetation that protect the privacy of the home.

The main building is a farm from the XVIIIth century in good condition. A number of outbuildings such as guest houses, gatehouse and a large patio for events have been added to it.

It has 4 independent heating circuits with two gas -oil boilers ,hot-cold splits in all rooms .

Completely renovated in 1.998 Only the originall walls were left as they were, everything else was renovated (electrical, plumbing, partitioning , doors, etc ). .

Air chamber insulation in the walls filled with granulated cork.

Wooden ceiling in all units of the house.

Beamed ceillings in the new apartmentes for rent aswell as on the porches made from Urundai wood ( the most resistant and dense hardwood in the world ) expressly brought from the jungle “Chaco” between Argentina and Paraguay . It was the only time it was authorized to import this wood .

Planking of the previous ceilings on Teak wood expressly fetched in Indonesia.

Beams on the reception area made from Marmelero wood from the jungles of Argentina and Brazil.

The renovated area has 3 households that can be quite independent , or that could be turned into an only house.

It has 3 fully equipped kitchens.

It has 3 separate gardens.

It can be purchased with adjoining 130,000 sqm ; in this case, the price would be € 2,500,000 .