A XIX th C palace with a large botanical garden of centenary trees and equestrian facilities between Madrid and Lisbon

Portugal, Alentejo, A 10' de Badajoz, ID: 770002 | Sale: 10.000.000€

About this property

This hidden corner is magical, surprising, an oasis of peace, an explosion of nature, mature trees among which stand out magnificent Sequoias, Lebanese cedars, Araucarias and Araucanas, some specimens of more than 30 m in height.

The garden was designed by Jean-Claude Forestier himself in the first half of the 19th century and is one of the few works of his that were recorded in the Iberian Peninsula together with the Maria Luisa Park in Seville, the Moratalla Park in Hornachuelos, the Ascension Park in Badajoz and the Gardens of the house of the Moorish King in Ronda.

It is a romantic garden, with a base of large American trees, complete with palm trees (especially Washingtonia Robusta) and a whole cast of native and ornamental plants. The set is extraordinary and has a beneficial micro-climate effect that the inhabitants of the house enjoy clearly and directly.

In the center of the garden, in a completely private location, a magnificent French-style palace. The interior is very cozy, with wooden floors of wide lama, large windows, very high ceilings with beautiful polychrome plaster, centennial portaje, tinted windows … Any corner of the house is wonderful and from any of the rooms you can enjoy the inside the house but also outside as the view of the garden is omnipresent in all corners of the interior.