1.000 has. cattle farm with an outstanding house 50´ drive from Seville

Seville, ID: 410269 | Price on application

About this property

This is one of those rare opportunities in wich this kind of property comes out to the market.

It was a visionarys dream come true: a farm with perfect proportions to raise a the perfect cattle!.

From the outset, the big efforts of the owners were to clean the land and to plant annual crops among the oaks so the cattle are kept throughout the year without having to resort to external supplies, something they achieved succesfully.

It has enough food and water resserves to feed the cattle. It has game for hunting.

One of the strengths of this farm is the magnificent house with a very nice garden based in native plants… Built to the requirements of its owners it has: courtyards with fountains, office, library, double kitchen, guest apartments, …

It has different warehouses, garages, heavy machinery (seeders, mowers, contactors, chains) and all kinds of goods to ensure the annual crops that sustain the cows, the reason for this unique property.

A perfect property! …