​​490 has. farm with great house 25′ drive from Seville

Sevilla, Carretera de Aracena, ID: 410553 | Price on application

About this property

This is one of the rare occasions in which a dehesa (farm) in optimal conditions goes on sale.

Here everything is perfectly maintained and everything is where it has to be: lanes, gutters, livestock meshes, gates, marshes, pillars water troughs, enclosed, stables, boxes, gates, kennel … This property has been made inch by inch by its owners , some lovers of the meadow and great connoisseurs of their world.

The house was rebuilt on the basis of an old farmhouse very well located on top of a hill chosen in the middle of the farm. From here there are 360º views and you can see a good part of the farm and the surroundings. The house was finished to be restored in 2010 and to do so it did not skimp on trips to specialized dealers in portage, bars, windows, marble columns, ashlars, Tarifa slabs …

The result, unbeatable: everything here fits like pieces of a Swiss watch …