Spectacular big game preserve of 600 hectares is located South East Portugal

Portugal, ID: 770001 | Sale: 3.500.000€

About this property

This spectacular big game preserve of 600 hectares is located South East Portugal, right on the border of Portugal with Spain at the height of the Natural Park of the Guadiana, one of the most beautiful places in the south of the country, a place full of life and vegetation.

It is a lovely property and in recent times have conducted several performances with great success, these have improved the estate and properties:

  • hunting mesh two meters and ten centimeters high, has installed a perimeter
  • It has been repopulated with exceptional deers.
  • As for the facilities have been reconstructed with great care and attention.
  • The performances in vegetation have been made to improve pastures and irrigation facilities (natural springs, lakes, etc …).
  • The feeding of cattle has been special for hunting trophies.Spectacular big game preserve of 600 hectares in Portugal has two areas divided by proportional meshes independently, leading to very narrow spaces:
  • A reserve area and animal husbandry with several open spaces, meadows and planted with oats, oak acorns in season, etc.
  • A second area with more hills and rocky areas, specifically intended for holding rolls “monterías” and birds like pigeons, doves and thrushes. An ideal place for hunting.

All improvements and actions have resulted in an optimal place as a hunting and excellent management which allows to continue the activity without any inconvenience.

The preserve has a deers with optimal density and exceptional quality. There are also mouflon and wild boar.


As for buildings and properties that are on the farm, this provides:

  •  Main house nestled in the countryside and nature.
  • Another property intended for caretakers.
  • An exclusive pavilion for use and enjoyment of hunters.

As for machinery required for maintenance has two tractors, various agricultural implements, harrows, seeders, fertilizer spreaders and road.

It also has three drill holes, three artesian wells, four natural springs, lakes and pantanetas twelve plus several kms. natural boundary with the Ribera del Chanza river.

 In short, an ideal place to enjoy the hunting and natural in southern Portugal.

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