An original SXVII palace at the center of Cordoba

Córdoba, Historic center of town, Price on application
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About this property

This place is magical, almost anachronistic … a vestige of the baroque in digital Córdoba dominated by haste and the “immediacy” imposed by the times. Here, precisely, in the heart of the World Heritage city, time stops …

As soon as you reach the double-height facade and painted with “almagra”, you pass a beautiful fence and enter a garden roundabout with palm trees (old carriage yard) from which you can see the baroque facade of the palace. Upon entering, they surprise medallions of Roman mosaics (obviously millenary) from the sinpar Medina Azahara, now so fashionable.

After the lattice cover you access a large, well-proportioned courtyard, framed by arches supported by marble columns that were once closed with windows to create large galleries inside. Around this great patio the whole house revolves …

Once inside, it is worth noting the spectacular black marble staircase inlaid with white and pink marbles with two sections and an impressive vault presided over by the family coat of arms. At this moment one imagines the Duke of Montpensier himself climbing up it, or the king himself, S.M. D. Alfonso XIII who slept in this house on numerous occasions.

The house has several rooms, (the so-called «throne room», offers a mid-19th century decoration with marble fireplace, frames and plaster moldings, mirrors and floral paintings.), Living rooms, numerous bedrooms, several kitchens, garden with pool, own well, covered terrace … It is almost 2,500 m2 built fits everything !.

It is cataloged Well of Cultural Interest.